9 Extremely Powerful Steps to Kickstart Your Blog In 1 Month

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Everyone who has ever started a blog – whether it be for your business, or standalone hopes for quick success. I know that when I started out, that’s what I was looking for.

The only problem is, very few of us know how to get there. Some bloggers will have a blog for more than six months without getting any subscribers and having less than 100 visitors. That’s no way to treat the content that you work so hard to create.

In this post, I’m going to go over a 1 month roadmap that will kickstart your blog, and help you reach 500 subscribers by the end of your first 45 days of launching.

Start Your Twitter Account

This is one of the easiest things that you can do that can start building your potential audience.

No matter what niche you’re in, you have an audience on Twitter, which is why I stress using it as a default. It’s also very easy to start building.

Other social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram etc. may perform better or worse for you depending on what niche you’re in. So you can focus on testing those out once you’ve had your blog up and running for a while.

This Twitter technique will only take you 2 minutes per day, and you could have a few hundred followers by the end of this week.

I wrote a full post on how to implement this technique here, but to summarize here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Setup your Twitter account on Twitter.com (I set it up under my name, but you can also use your blog’s name)
  2. Login to Toolset or Crowdfire
  3. Follow 50-100 of the most popular account’s followers
  4. Return in 24 hours and unfollow those who didn’t follow you back
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 daily

This is the primary way that I grew my Twitter account, and I got it to the point where I can drive traffic pretty quickly. I’ll admit I’ve neglected it recently though! It should probably be a little bigger. (Oops)

Drive traffic from Twitter

Create a lead magnet

Now you will want to create your primary lead magnet. This is a lot easier than most of you might think, and could realistically be done within the next few hours. Focus on something that is enticing to your readers, and will get them to sign up.

Usually readers will want to sign up for things that
  • Save them time
  • Teach them how to do something better
  • Inform them about something they never knew before

Example Lead Magnet

If you want to see what is working best in your niche right now, to look and see what successful brands are offering for you to sign up.

Now you can model their tactics. What did they do that you liked? What can you do better? Write these things down, and then get to creating your lead magnet.

Now either make your lead magnet in written form, or in video training form. If you decide to write it, save it as a PDF, if it’s a video you can upload it to YouTube and check the “Unlisted” box, so that way it won’t be public, but you can still embed it on a private page on your site.

Set up a landing page

This landing page will serve 2 purposes:

  1. It will be your homepage and convert a high percentage of your traffic
  2. It will be the page that you direct a lot of your external traffic efforts to

On the landing page, you need a place for users to sign up for your email newsletter, and you’ll want to set it up to automatically deliver your lead magnet to them once they sign up. Depending on what newsletter service you use, there are no shortage of tutorials out there on how to do this.

To see some examples of landing pages, check out a couple that I have used before:

My favorite, and pretty dang easy to use, tool to create landing pages with no coding right now is Thrive Content Builder.

Here’s an example of a landing page that it took me 10 minutes to create using the tool:

10 minute landing page

Invite Your First Batch of People to Sign up For Your Site

Lot’s of bloggers get nervous on this step, because you have to actually start showing your site to people, which can be really scary. Ignore that feeling, and start getting out there and you’ll be much better off for it. 😉

Here are some ways to start getting your blog in front of people who would be interested in it!

Use BuzzSumo to outreach to people

You can use the Free version of Buzzsumo for free, and find the most popular content in your niche right now! Here’s how to use it to start inviting people that are very interested in your subject to check out your site:

  1. Find popular content in your niche on Buzzsumo
  2. Take the link of that content, and paste it into the Twitter search box, and choose the “Live” tweets option
  3. Now you have a list of people that liked that content enough to share it
  4. Begin replying to these people’s tweets, and inviting them to check out your blog, and sign up for your lead magnet
  5. Keep repeating this process daily (and don’t cry because it can be hard work!)

Potential blog subscribers

Take out some paid ads

Another great way to start getting people to sign up for your lead magnet is by simply taking out some paid ads. There are multiple ways to do this, but we’ll talk about Facebook a little bit right now.

One nice thing about Facebook ads is that you can target people that like similar brands to yours. So you can take some of the most popular pages in your niche, and target users that are similar to them. So these people will be highly targeted to like your brand and sign up for what you’re offering.

You don’t have to start with a crazy campaign either! You can start with just $5 a day to see how your audience responds to your lead magnet.

Make an image with canva, create a bit of ad copy, and pop in the URL to your landing page and put those ads out there and you’ll start building your email list right away.

Invite people on Forums

Just like on Twitter, you can identify people on niche forums that are highly interested in your blog’s topic.

Identify some popular threads on forums in your niche, and go through the list of users and send them private messages. It’s best to be an active user on the forum when doing this, and be careful not to over do it and risk getting banned.

In my experience (yes I have actually used all of these techniques before) you will get some great feedback, and a few people that aren’t too happy. The people that are happy, will turn into early subscribers of your blog, which is extremely valuable.

This is a great, scrappy way to get some of your first subscribers for free.

Use your Twitter account and post daily

By this point, you should have started growing your Twitter following. Now you can start putting that to work!

Post at least twice a day about your lead magnet, and you’ll start seeing some decent traffic and conversions come in. Make sure to use popular hashtags as well~

Use Facebook groups

Most Facebook groups are full of people that are enthusiasts about your niche. This includes many of the administrators of the group as well.

Join some high quality Facebook groups in your niche, and reach out to the admin and ask if it’s okay to post your high value lead magnet in the group. Most of the time, they will be Okay with it.

This is an easy way to get high quality subscribers, just by asking.

These are just a few ways that you can start getting subscribers, before you ever even publish your first post! It works too!

traffic from facebook

Write 3 Anchor Posts

By this point, you’ll have a core group of subscribers, so you can begin to publish some content on your blog.

Now you want to write 3 amazing blog posts. Not just any kind of posts, but posts that will knock your reader’s socks off!

Now you need to follow my epic content checklist. At minimum you should:

  • Feature 5-10 influencer quotes in each article
  • Create a content upgrade to get new visitors to sign up for your newsletter
  • Create 3 shareable social images

Also make sure to use my guide on How to Get Blog Traffic, to implement some viral aspects into your post.

Now email your existing subscribers 1-2 times for each post, and ask them to share it if they like it.


Once you publish your first posts and email your list about them, pat your self on the back! You just launched your blog.

Now it’s time to start marketing your content to grow even more.

Market Your Content

There are many ways to market your content, that I’ve covered before on the blog. Some will work better depending on your niche, and others may be totally inapplicable for your niche.

Use the following as a checklist for what to do for every post your publish:

  • Post each post on Twitter greater than 10 times
  • Distribute your content in your niche forums
  • Reach out to the influencers featured in your post
  • Answer relevant questions on Quora and link back to your posts
  • Post your posts in G+ groups relevant to your niche
  • Suggest your posts to relevant Scoop.it lists
  • If relevant to your niche, post your blog post visuals on Pinterest and on joint boards
  • If relevant to your niche, post in LinkedIn groups
  • Distribute your post in relevant Subreddits on Reddit
  • Submit your post to StumbleUpon
  • Begin building a ViralContentBuzz account, and assign at least 10 credits to each post
  • Join Triberr, join a Tribe, and begin sharing relevant content
  • Post your blog posts in relevant FB groups
  • Leave valuable comments on popular blogs and link back to your blog in your name
  • Republish your early content on other platforms for greater reach (Medium, LinkedIn, Niche specific publications

Introduce yourself to other bloggers

This is where things start to get serious.
Most new bloggers don’t know this, but successful relationships with other bloggers can make or break your brand.
One good guest post could get you 400 subscribers all by itself.

So it’s time to start making friends with people that have an audience! You’d be surprised how far a genuine outreach email to introduce yourself can get you in the eyes of influencers big and small.

Simply make a list of blogs that you like in your niche, find the owners email, and reach out to introduce yourself, talk about how you love their content, and say that you launched your blog and that they inspire you.

Grow by reaching out

Most of they time they will respond, and this will start the conversation where you can ask them for advice, and eventually ask for a guest post on their site.

Get a guest post

This is your chance to starting going big!

Once you have a couple of relationships with bloggers in your niche, begin to ask them if they’d be interested in accepting a guest post from you. If you are persistent enough, you will definitely land at least one opportunity in your first month.
There’s a couple of tricks to writing an effective guest post these days. In fact, writing a traditional guest post absolutely does NOT work any more. You’ll just end up spending your time writing content that won’t actually get your blog any results.
You need to focus on 3 major things in your guest posts in order for them to actually get you subscribers.
1. Expanded Guest Post – Create a content upgrade for the guest post, and link back to a landing page that hosts your lead magnet on your site. This is one way to get up to 400 subscribers from every guest post you publish
2. Mention other mid-sized bloggers – Scoring your first guest post opportunity on a site that has a decent amount of traffic is tough! By mentioning other bloggers in your guest post, you can reach out to them and let them know that you did, and it will start the relationship and lead to more guest posting opportunities.
3. Make the post awesome – One thing that will make readers want to come back to your site and check out your brand, is if they get tons of value from your initial guest post. Take your time to make your post epic! Not to mention this will open up more opportunities to get more guest posts on the same site in the future.


If you start focus on this strategy in your first month, your blog will start to see results drastically better than 90% of the other blogs out there. It will definitely take some hard work, but at least you know what to do now!

And trust me, the results that you’ll get are more than worth it.

Now go get started!!!

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