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5 Writing Hacks to Create 300% More Effective Blog Content

August 15, 2016 8:08 pm Published by 4 Comments

The basis of blogging is the content you create. If you’re read the Pivotal blog at all, you’ll know that I put a high price on content distribution and getting traffic. But the truth is only great content gets attention no matter where you post it! That’s why I compiled these 7 writing hacks that I use to create 300% better content. How to write like a productivity guru What if you could create awesome content in no time at all? As bloggers, our main struggle is fighting against the clock. We would create content that blows our reader’s away every week – if only we had time. With that in mind, let me share with you my favorite writing hack that allows me to create great content in nearly half the time that it took me to before. The secret is something simple, but you’re probably overlooking it, or doing it ineffectively. 1) How to write great content 100% Faster It’s all about a little word called outlining. Yep, you read that right. What I do is outline multiple articles at one time, especially during peak creativity times. Now here’s the real trick. Just come up with a title of what you think would be interesting. If you’re at a loss, go type in some keywords into Google or BuzzSumo. Once you have your title, write it down, and come up with at least 5 subtopics in succession under that topic. Do you realize what you’ve just done? You’ve now... View Article

3 Fundamentals of Choosing a Profitable Blog Niche You’re Still Passionate About

July 21, 2016 7:34 am Published by 3 Comments

So many aspiring bloggers struggle with it. You have a desire to someday make a living off of your blog, but you still want to blog about something that you love. Should you just choose to blog about something that you think will make you money, or something that you love? Is it even possible to do both at the same time? This comes down to the age old question that so many of us struggle with. Can you actually make money doing something that you love? The answer is yes! It is totally possible to do. In fact, there’s a simple structure that you can follow to discover topics that you love, that will still be able to make you money in the long run. Here is that process. Brainstorm and Determine Your Blogging Style 1. Start with some ideas brainstorm a list of ideas that you would LOVE to write about. Many people have a hard time with this. Especially for those that don’t really like to write in the first place. It’s a shame that so many get stuck here. But you still want a profitable blog, right? So you have to push on! For most people, this starts with a question of who you are. I call this “knowing yourself.” One of the biggest roadblocks for people in this stage is they think that in order to blog about something, you have to be an expert at it. WRONG! Some of the best blogs in the world have... View Article

Steal My Strategy: A-Z Guide to Create, Promote and Profit off of a Blog Post

May 11, 2016 7:16 pm Published by 4 Comments

When bloggers are first starting out, it can be a little discouraging to sit in front of your computer and write an awesome blog post, only to know that barely anyone will read it.That’s how I felt.I mean, I had a few subscribers and a few Twitter followers but I knew that I didn’t have the type of audience to read my posts that I felt that I deserved.I knew that I had to write a blog post that was EPIC, if I wanted to get more attention.The only problem is, it can be a double edged sword.If I’m going to write an amazing blog post that takes 20+ hours to create, should I wait until I have a bigger audience. What if I spend all that time and hardly anyone reads it? Sign Up to Get Insider Training on Making Your Blog Convert at 22% Sign Up Here to get instant access to insider training on how you can make your blog convert at 22%! You'll learn 3 techniques for getting incredible conversions and 3 of my favorite traffic sources that I have yet to cover! So what should you do?When bloggers are just starting off, I always advise them to write a few epic posts to kickstart their blog. Why?Because it will pay off big time in the long run.The key is to overcome that fear that no one is going to read it initially, and put a process in place that will guarantee to showcase your hard... View Article

9 Extremely Powerful Steps to Kickstart Your Blog In 1 Month

February 10, 2016 8:04 pm Published by 6 Comments

Everyone who has ever started a blog – whether it be for your business, or standalone hopes for quick success. I know that when I started out, that’s what I was looking for.The only problem is, very few of us know how to get there. Some bloggers will have a blog for more than six months without getting any subscribers and having less than 100 visitors. That’s no way to treat the content that you work so hard to create. In this post, I’m going to go over a 1 month roadmap that will kickstart your blog, and help you reach 500 subscribers by the end of your first 45 days of launching. Start Your Twitter Account This is one of the easiest things that you can do that can start building your potential audience. No matter what niche you’re in, you have an audience on Twitter, which is why I stress using it as a default. It’s also very easy to start building. Other social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram etc. may perform better or worse for you depending on what niche you’re in. So you can focus on testing those out once you’ve had your blog up and running for a while. This Twitter technique will only take you 2 minutes per day, and you could have a few hundred followers by the end of this week. I wrote a full post on how to implement this technique here, but to summarize here are the steps... View Article

The 3 Stages of Blog Growth: What to do, and When

February 3, 2016 7:30 pm Published by 6 Comments

New bloggers every day get frustrated with their progress. It’s tough to get your first 100 subscribers. Your first 500? That’s no easy task either. It takes a lot of hard work, blood sweat and tears to get started. But where I see new bloggers make a huge mistake, is that they get discouraged by this. Good News: It’s not always going to be this hard! The fact of the matter is, the early stage of a blog, is the absolute hardest time that you will ever have. You will experience the most resistance in this stage, and often feel like a failure because you’re not getting a ton of traffic. But here is the good news, you are not going to be in this stage forever. Once you get to a certain point, your strategy will begin to change and you can begin to take part in strategies that grow your blog quicker than you can imagine. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to start getting 100 new subscribers with just 20 minutes of work. Or 400 new subscribers by writing an easy guest post. How is this possible? By understanding the 3 stages of blog growth. 1. The Early Traction Stage: Your First 1000 Subscribers This is where most bloggers get stuck. The key to getting out of the early traction stage is to keep your head down and continue to do what works, until you reach the mid sized blogger stage. Once you do, your life will become... View Article

Your Blog’s Homepage: What Should it Be?

January 20, 2016 4:01 pm Published by 5 Comments

I got asked this question by one of the readers this week, and I thought it would be a great topic to write about. What is the most effective homepage for your blog? To figure this out, let’s take a look at some of the most popular blogs, and the techniques that they used to get there. Key Fundamental You want your blog to grow as quickly as possible, right? If so, it’s important to understand this: Your blogs homepage main focus should be capturing leads. Your blog’s homepage will be your highest trafficked page 90% of the time. That means that most of your traffic goes there, so you need to be able to capitalize on it. The way to do this is to build the most important asset that your blog has – your email list. Once you do that, you can start having these people come back over and over to read your new articles or whatever you promote. Rather than landing on your homepage, possibly poking around your site for a bit, only to never return. So What Should Your HomePage Look Like? There’s one type of homepage that all of the smartest bloggers have been implementing lately. This is what I call the “lead magnet homepage.” It’s main function is to get the visitor to sign up for your blog, and everything else is secondary. Many bloggers, including Noah Kagan, have reported a 300% lift in conversions once they implement this type of welcome page.... View Article

Facebook Marketing: How to ACTUALLY Get Traffic to Your Site

January 13, 2016 6:23 pm Published by 13 Comments

The first step of building a successful blog, or business for that matter, is creating a vibrant community centered around your subject. Most people who start any kind of website aspire to get thousands and thousands of page views and become obsessed over getting traffic. But what is traffic worth, unless they are engaging with your brand and your content? 10,000 visitors would mean nothing to my brand unless they actually cared about what I am blogging about. I would much prefer 100 highly engaged visitors that are likely to sign up for what I’m offering, comment on my posts, and become a part of my community. Here’s one way to get that kind of traffic. Identify Good Communities for You to Post In This is the first step, and honestly the step where most people get stuck. You have to find some good Facebook groups in your niche, which may sound like an easy task, but it’s quite the opposite. Especially in my niche, there are thousands of groups that are filled with nothing but unengaged users and spammers. My blog wouldn’t benefit at all by posting in these groups. I’ve done it before, and the results is usually 0 visitors. This is where most marketers will give up and say “it doesn’t work!” But what you really have to do is do some digging until you find a group that has some good moderators that keep spam out, and engaged users that are actually liking and commenting on... View Article

Steal My Strategy: How to Start a Blog from Scratch

January 6, 2016 7:07 pm Published by 8 Comments

I get asked from time to time how to get a blog up and running.Whether you are a lifestyle blogger, niche blogger or run the blog for your startup, there are challenges in getting up and running to be successful. Whenever I get asked that question I think back to when I launched Project Pivotal, and what I did right, and what I would have done differently. I launched the blog toward the end of May of 2015 as a place for me to document lessons I learned in marketing while I was working for a startup.I started it out with 3 posts that I published in May, and decided to spend June getting traffic whenever I had time to work on it. Here are my traffic stats from June: ​That’s not too shabby for just starting out, and working on this part time. Or at least I thought so at the time. Get My Ultimate Resource Guide For Growing Your Blog Get Instant Access to Video Training, Tools, Cheat sheets and templates that I use to Grow Blog Traffic and Subscribers Sign Up Remember This if You Want to Be SuccessfulThe whole point of starting a blog is in hopes that your efforts will compound, and getting traffic will become easier and easier. I believe that everyone who has ever started a blog has an end state in mind where they can post on their blog, and thousands of people will read, share and love their content.I mean, isn't that the... View Article

Here’s How to Market Your Business for Explosive Results in 2016

December 30, 2015 6:16 pm Published by 2 Comments

The new year is upon us and entrepreneurs everywhere are setting goals for their businesses to reach new heights this year. Some are focusing on making a better website, while others want to launch new products. No matter what your goals for this new year are, I know that EVERY business can use new customers. Brand new businesses need customers and businesses that have been around for 10 years could always use new customers. The sad part is, most entrepreneurs struggle to setup a process that will actually allow them to steadily acquire new customers as they build their business. It Starts with Staying Ahead of the Curve The fact of the matter is, it’s not THAT hard to setup a system that keeps customers coming into your business steadily. It just takes a little bit of creativity, and knowing some of the latest, and most effective marketing channels that are out there. If you’ve ever notice, the most successful businesses know how to do this. They seem to always be 2 steps ahead of the competition. If you want to a highly successful business, you can’t do what everyone else is doing. Most businesses are using stale, hardly effective marketing tactics that keep them struggling. That’s no good! What you need is a fresh strategy, that is highly effective. Here are some marketing strategies that are going to be extremely effective in 2016

The 5 Steps to a Successful Website Launch

December 23, 2015 5:58 am Published by 1 Comment

So you’ve launched your website. Now what? Assuming you have all of the proper tools, you should be able to market it so you can start building a successful business off of it. It’s a pretty straightforward process, that is often misunderstood to be very complicated by new entrepreneurs. Once you ensure that you have the following components on your website, use the following strategy to start growing your business today! Prerequisites for a successful site in 2016: Ability to create landing pages Ability to add CTA’s to your blog posts Modern site design If you don’t have these up and running for your site yet, go check out my guide, where I walk you through the steps of getting there. Now here is my strategy to get your business up and running faster than ever once you have these things! Use your landing pages Landing pages are the highest converting pages on your website. If you want to build a raving audience to your brand, this is a key player. Key Concept: You should use landing pages to offer something of value to your audience that has no hard cost to you like an ebook, free report, or any other digital product. This is called your “lead magnet.” In return for your lead magnet, visitors will provide their name and email to join your email list. Take my landing page for example: The Beginners Content Marketing Course. It offers a free course delivered over 7 days that teaches the basics... View Article