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A Beginners Guide to Expanding Your Audience Image

Partnerships – A Beginners Guide to Expanding Your Audience

August 29, 2016 4:28 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

As bloggers, we’re always thinking of new ways to grow our audience. I for one have come across countless articles about using social media as a gateway to new communities, and Facebook marketing to engage with established groups. But is there a better way? The answer is absolutely. Establishing a partnership with another blogger in the same niche as yours could possibly double your audience. Think of it this way. If you establish a relationship with an influencer, and then pitch an offer to him/her, depending on what you offer them, they will either write for you, share your content, feature you, or even promote your product to their email list. But the questions still remain, What are other benefits of partnering with influencers? How do you land a partnership? How do you pitch an offer to an influencer? By the end of this article, you’ll have all the necessary knowledge and resources to start reaching out to influencers today. So let’s get started. Benefits of Partnerships It’s all about one word. Audience. The audience of an influencer has quite a few advantages. Some being: Highly targeted and quality viewers Ad Swaps Product promotions And each one will more than likely grow your blog’s audience like never before. You may double, or even triple your email list! But remember, not all partnerships will provide you with these 3 benefits. However, let’s talk about each one. A High Quality Audience Influencers have years of experience. They’ve done their research. They’ve established... View Article

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Super Size Your Email List with One Simple Strategy

August 24, 2016 5:05 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Starting a blog from scratch is no stroll in the park. But there’s a few things that you can do to make your life a lot easier all while growing your email list like never before. It’s been said a hundred times before, “understand your audience.” And you really should. If you’re able to understand your audience, then you’re able to write for them, and speak to them in a way that they’ll understand. But how do you even begin to identify your audience? Let alone understand them. Laser Focus Your Content by Creating a Simple Readers Persona Sign up here to get instant access to our 10 min video training that shows you how we went viral and got 2200 course sign ups (with only 6 hours work) by creating a persona In addition to video training, you’ll receive training on using different call-to-actions, our social media calendar that’ll quadruple your traffic, and tons more!   Send Me The Guide! Establishing a Connection with Your Audience Lesya Liu, a contributor to who wrote more than a dozen successful articles recently said in the post “How to Create Stellar Content Your Audience Will Love to Share,” “Your content should be so brilliant that your audience can’t help but share it, repin it, and bookmark it. Yet, to create it, you have to understand what informational gaps people in your audience have. You have to uncover their pain points, and what issues they’re facing right now to be able to provide... View Article

Getting Your First Email Subscribers and What to Do WIth Them

Getting Your First Email Subscribers and What to Do with Them

August 1, 2016 3:37 pm Published by 2 Comments

Today we’re introducing the newest member to Project Pivotal! If you’re on my email list, you’d know that I’m making great changes to Project Pivotal. By bringing in one more person, we can start to release fine tuned content on a weekly basis! Without further ado, this is Wesley! He is a web developer and designer, specializing in full stack development, but he is also a newbie to the blogging scene! That’s why I knew it’d be great to bring him on board because he can share all of his experience, as a beginner, with all of you guys. Alright everyone, Travis signing out, enjoy the article! A lot of new bloggers are reluctant to create a newsletter. I for one was actually really scared to. I honestly had no clue what my emails would be used for, or how to even write a proper email that provides any value. As a matter of fact, I didn’t really know what a newsletter was. I mean, I’ve seen newsletters from major clothing stores. But I wasn’t sure why I would need such an email. So let me share what I’ve learned about newsletters. Straight to their Inbox The truth is, every online business should have an email newsletter, but what are they for? Newsletters allow businesses to connect with their customers, their audience, their users, etc. People that are interested in what you have to offer will sign up for your newsletter because you have something that gives them value. Not... View Article