Facebook Marketing: How to ACTUALLY Get Traffic to Your Site

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The first step of building a successful blog, or business for that matter, is creating a vibrant community centered around your subject.

Most people who start any kind of website aspire to get thousands and thousands of page views and become obsessed over getting traffic.

But what is traffic worth, unless they are engaging with your brand and your content?

10,000 visitors would mean nothing to my brand unless they actually cared about what I am blogging about. I would much prefer 100 highly engaged visitors that are likely to sign up for what I’m offering, comment on my posts, and become a part of my community.

Here’s one way to get that kind of traffic.

Identify Good Communities for You to Post In

This is the first step, and honestly the step where most people get stuck.

You have to find some good Facebook groups in your niche, which may sound like an easy task, but it’s quite the opposite.

Especially in my niche, there are thousands of groups that are filled with nothing but unengaged users and spammers. My blog wouldn’t benefit at all by posting in these groups.

I’ve done it before, and the results is usually 0 visitors. This is where most marketers will give up and say “it doesn’t work!”

But what you really have to do is do some digging until you find a group that has some good moderators that keep spam out, and engaged users that are actually liking and commenting on posts. Groups like these are going to be your traffic goldmines.

Here’s how to do that:

Search on Facebook for a keyword related to your niche, then click on the “Groups” tab.

how to get traffic from facebook groups

Identify that the group will be worth your time

As I said, most groups (especially in my niche) on Facebook are very, very spammy. It’s your job as a blogger to uncover those that are actually going to be beneficial to spend your time on. To do that, you’ll want to click on groups that interest you, and see how much engagement they are getting, and the quality of the members.

Some good things to look at in a group are:

  • Number of comments – as long as most posts are getting at least 1-2 genuine comment, it is a good candidate
  • Likes – Just like with comments, as long as many of the posts are regularly getting a few likes, it’s a good sign
  • Lack of SPAM – often there are genuine people promoting things (like you) which is fine, but you’ll know spam when you see it. It’s usually totally irrelevant and if the group has good mods and members, they’ll catch it and delete it.
  • Actual rules – in this case, rules are a good thing because it means that the members of the group will have to follow them. Also they are your guidelines – so just as long as you follow them you will be fine

Become a REAL member first

Where ever a community exists online, there are spammers trying to get traffic to whatever the heck spammers post.

Spammers usually behave in all of these 3 ways:

  • They post links to irrelevant or extremely low quality content/websites
  • They DO NOT interact with the community
  • They never add an genuine value

With that in mind, setting yourself apart from them to get the high quality traffic that you deserve is easy. All you have to do, is essentially become a real, and caring member of the community.

Create Posts that Add Great Value

This means that you will respond to other peoples posts with relevant answers, create posts that add value (without always linking to your content) and occasionally post a link to one of your blog posts, with a unique insight on how you think it will help the community that you’re posting in.

Trust me, the moderators of a good community are always watching. They will take note when you make helpful posts, and be much more lenient when it comes time for you to promote your content.

post in facebook groups

Create Posts that Link to Your Awesome Content

Once you’ve established yourself as a good member of the community, it’s time to create posts that still add a lot of value, but link back to your site content.

To do this, you’ll want to make sure that you only share posts that are awesome. This post that I shared had over 7000 words of value packed content.

how to market your content on facebook

Example #2:

how to post your blog on facebook

The reason it’s important that the mods and owners of the group are supporting my actions in the group, is because most people that try to promote things in groups are at risk of getting kicked out for promoting too many things.

Get Traffic

traffic from facebook

Taking a few minutes to post in these groups resulted in over 200 highly targeted visitors. Notice on desktop their average time on site. These people were spending almost 7 minutes on my site, which means that they are definitely engaged and interested in what I’m doing.

Capture People as Your Subscribers on Your Blog

All of this effort would go to waste, unless I was capturing subscribers on my blog, which is the #1 thing that points to my sustainable growth.

This post is converting at about 10% average across the board, so I can comfortably say that spending these few minutes posting in these Facebook groups added about 20 subscribers to my list. The reason this is so important, is because this process is repeatable as long as you stay in good standings with the groups that you’re a part of.

Want 100 more subscribers? Do this 5 times. 200? Do it 10 times (over time of course.)


If you’ve ever tried to get traffic from Facebook by creating a page, you’ll soon learn that it’s very hard to get these results. Especially now that Facebook usually only shows your posts to about 10% (or less) of your audience on a page. If you start following this Facebook group posting strategy, you will start to see some very real results from Facebook – quickly!

Now just make sure your site in converting so you can keep this traffic as subscribers and grow!

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  • Hello, I would like to learn how to get traffic to my site but, my company stated my account will get suspended if I use a blog. I will appreciate any help. Thank You

    • Travis Levell

      Hey Thelma,

      So I guess your question is how to get traffic without having a blog?

      If this is the case you might want to look into some paid options such as Facebook advertising, solo ads, sponsored blog posts and things of that nature.

      If you don’t have much money to start out with, and can’t blog on your site, you could always guest blog on other sites and leave links back to your main site throughout. You could also do some basic stuff like building a twitter account (I wrote a guide on that here

      If you give me some more details on your unique situation, I might be able to help out a little more!

  • Hey Travis, nice sharing. I will do it step by step as your guide.

    By the way, if I want to get traffic from Linkedin Groups, I will use the same strategy, right?

    • Travis Levell

      Hey Frank!

      Yes the process is generally the same for LinkedIn groups. In general though, I’ve yet to find a single Linkedin group that is very engaged, since LinkedIn is centered around business, so most people just spam the heck out of each group. Usually for me by posting in 4-5 groups I’ll see from 10-20 visitors total. If you give it a shot and it goes better for you, be sure to shoot me an email and let me know how it went!

  • Travis,
    As always, very good ideas. I have been posting on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. I have been getting good numbers but no comments and only a couple of likes. My target audience is small to mid-sized businesses and nonprofit organizations. Any suggestions?

    • Travis Levell

      Hey James,

      In my experience, the way to get people to comment is to post super in depth and helpful content. Not just generic articles. Also if the group is active, and you post non promotional posts (with no link) many of the regular users will begin to take notice of the helpful things that you post regularly, and be more likely to check out your links and comment when you do post them.

      Other than that, I would look at how many people are signing up for your email list. If 100 people click on your post, and 10 of them sign up for your email list, but no one likes or comments, it’s still a successful post!

  • Hey Travis, great share. Actually i was planning to launch a paid Facebook ad, what do you think about paid ads ?

    • Travis Levell

      Hey Tuhin,

      I think Facebook ads are a good option to build your email list. They can get really expensive, really fast though! I really only suggest to do them (especially in our niche, because CPC’s are high) once you have your funnel setup so you can recover your ad spend. I hired a coach to help me with my paid ads, and realistically I had to spend about $400-$500 on them before I could find some ads/audiences that produced reasonable CPA’s

  • Hello Travis.. i have started my new website which is on product reviews. After how many days i should start promoting website on social networking site.

  • Hello Travis.. i have started my new website which is on product reviews. After how many days i should start promoting website on social networking site.

  • Thank you sir , this was so useful as i have started one new multi niche site 🙂

  • Hi Travis,

    Thanks for the wonderful tips. I am into web hosting niche and finding an active group into this niche is a real tough job. Most groups doesn’t allow you post your link. Any tips how do I promote my blog on FB?

    • Travis Levell

      If you’re ever really worried, you can always message the moderator of your group and ask if it’s okay to post your super awesome blog content. If you don’t go that route, it’s left to going through the search process in depth and finding groups that have people posting links. If you’re ever in doubt, just see if anyone else has posted links before. If they have, just try to copy what they did, without breaking any rules (eg. many groups only allow you to post links on certain days.)

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