How to Get Blog Traffic: 13 Steps to Thousands of Readers

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Every blogger has experienced it before.

“The great disconnect.”

It’s what is separating you from your audience. Thinking of ways to overcome it is what keeps us up at night.

It is like there is a wall between you and the world of targeted website traffic, and you can’t figure out how to get over it. You want so badly for you content to get the thousands of readers it deserves, but just can’t figure out how to get there.

If you can relate to that, then you’re in luck because I’m uncovering several strategies that I used to increase blog post traffic by 10X+ at the last startup that I worked with.

By using these strategies we took our average blog post from this:

How to get more blog traffic

To this:

How to get 10X the blog traffic

So get ready, because by the time you’re done reading this post, you’ll be fully equipped to drive at least 1000 visitors to every post that you write and keep 50-100 of them as your loyal subscribers, even on a brand new blog.

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Let’s get started with the 13 steps!

1. Find Your Communities

I know, I know.

It sounds simple.

And you may think that you already know where your audience is.

But under implementing this step in the process to get your blog traffic is an excruciating mistake.

In reality it is not enough to know just some of the places where your online audience is.

You need to know everywhere they hang out. From the staple communities in your niche, all the way down to the smaller communities. These are vital to your success for multiple reasons, which we’ll cover later in the post, but for starters these are going to be the places where you communicate with your readers, start driving traffic and getting subscribers.

This means you’ll want to find:

  • Forums
  • Reddit subreddits
  • Newsletters
  • Curated lists
  • Facebook groups
  • LinkedIn groups
  • Twitter accounts
  • Google+ groups
  • Pinterest shared boards (depending on your niche)

Once you find 15-20 different communities in your niche, pat yourself on the back, because you’ve just completed the first step to growing your blog traffic.

Shortcut to Find Forums and Communities

Use the following Google search tools to help you find these places:

“Your keyword” + forum

“Your keyword” + community

This will help you find communities, and lists of communities in your niche.

Find your communities to boost traffic

Repeat this process with newsletters, Google+ groups, and Pinterest boards by replacing the word “community” with whatever it is you’re looking for.

Sign up to get access to the spreadsheet template and strategy that I use to effectively market to communities in my niche.

Quick note: Michael Karp, from Copytactics also has a great spin on this strategy to find communities found here.

2. Understand Your Audience

This importance of understanding your audience
Now that you know where your audience is, if you want to hold on to the hope of ever connecting with them, you need to fully understand them.

So many new bloggers underestimate the power of taking the extra time to fully understand their audience, so they can create content that resonates with them.

StartupBros is a blog that covers multiple topics about starting a business online. They started to take this niche by storm by the end of 2013 and kept up that momentum and grew to 30K+ email subs in just over a year. So they know a thing or 2 about building a successful blog.

I reached out to Kyle Eschenroeder, the Co-founder of StartupBros, to ask what is the importance of understanding your audience while building your blog. Here’s what he said:

Question: How does understanding your audience enable you to create content that gets you more exposure?

“You might be familiar with the concept of product-market fit. Marc Andreesen, the famed venture capitalist, calls it the only thing that matters. Basically, if you have the right product for the right audience then you’re going to do well.

It’s an easy enough concept to understand, but really freaking hard to get right in practice. Most bloggers have no fit. They are scratching a narcissistic itch, playing expert, and yelling about whatever they did that day to nobody in particular. Once you understand who your market is you understand the “market” piece of product-market fit. It also means that you know how to create the right product for them.

Understanding your audience let’s you know how to speak, what to speak about, and whom to speak to. Once you’ve got that down it’s just a matter of trying harder.”

-Kyle Eschenroeder, Co-Founder of StartupBros

So when building your blog, it’s of vital importance to get a grasp of who you are speaking to, first. As you continue to build and grow, you will get a better picture of your audience all the time.

But before you are out there in the field, how do you understand who you are speaking to?

The answer to that is to create a reader/customer persona.
Understanding your reader is the key to going viral
Corey Eridon in her post, “How to Create Content that Actually Resonates with Your Readers” for Hubspot put’s it eloquently when she says:

“The first step to creating content that resonates with readers is getting a better understanding of who your readers are, especially the ones you want to convert into leads and customers. That means if you haven’t developed personas yet, now’s the time.”

Knowing Your Reader Is the Key Factor in Going Viral

Developing your reader persona will make the difference between you going viral or not going viral, between you getting subscribers or not getting subscribers and between you making sales or not making sales. In the end, your blog’s growth depends on this one thing and trust me, you don’t want to leave this up to chance.

You need to know how to speak your reader’s language, feel their pain, and know how to give them solutions to their problems. Only then will your content be worthy of getting recognition and traffic.

If you’re finding that tough to do, it’s okay because you’re in the majority. Corey Eridon also uncovers another interesting stat that should make you feel a little better about yourself stating that:

52% of marketers find producing the kind of content that engages is their biggest challenge via @Corey_bos Click To Tweet

In this 10 minute training video, I walk you through the exact process of creating a persona that you can cater your content to for up to 10X better results.

But in short, for your first, super simple customer persona, you need to know the following things about your potential readers:

  • What are their 3 biggest problems?
  • How do they currently solve or deal with those problems?
  • How badly do they need your solution, or the solution that you provide in your content?

Defining and understanding these things about your potential readers, will drastically change the way the you create your content, and it will resonate with your audience leaps and bounds above what it ever could have before.

How to Create a Super Simple Persona

Sign up here to get instant access to my 10 min video training that shows you how I went viral and got 2200 course sign ups (with only 6 hours work) by creating a persona

Going viral with a reader persona

It’s all included in the ultimate resource guide to this post, which you can access for Free Instantly, by subscribing here.

Once you get your reader persona down, it’s time to start planning your content to appeal to them.

3. Plan your content

Once you truly feel like you understand and empathize with your potential readers, you need to create your content around what you see resonating with them.

Too often do bloggers and content marketers make the terrible mistake of thinking that the act of content creation and getting traffic are 2 different tasks.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.Plan Your Content for Max Traffic

In fact, this immediately invites mediocre results for their blog posts.

If you want your content to get a meaningful amount of traction, you need to create your content with the thought of how you’re going to distribute it to get traffic at the top of mind.

Once you have that idea locked into your brain, you can then go into the post idea stage, which is another step in the process that can make or break you.

This bit of timeless advice comes from Simon Penson, on in his post “The Ultimate Guide to Content Planning.

“Ideas are the lifeblood of any content strategy. Without creativity your content marketing campaign is dead in the water. The good news though is that there are ways that you can make the whole process a little more structured and easier.”

How to Balance Your Content to Send You Floods of Traffic, While Preserving Content Quality

Balancing what you think will be clickable and get traffic with what you think your readers will love is no short order. So let me show you a super simple strategy to wrap both of those benefits up into one neatly packed piece of content.

To Get Maximum Traffic, Balance Creating a Clickbait and descriptive title. #blog #contentmarketing Click To Tweet

Here are the steps that you need to take to do that:

  • Conduct keyword research and target a mid – small sized keyword with a modest amount of competition. Even if your blog is new, and you don’t think that you have a hope of ranking for that keyword, this still indicates that your audience is interested in this, and you may have a chance of your post ranking for it in the future
  • Take the time to craft a killer title, that is poised to rank for the keyword as well as appeal to the excited, clickbait hungry side of your audience
  • Create an outline of what you want to write about in your post, and what you want your readers get out of it. For this post, I wanted my readers to learn how to break 1000 visitors, and 50-100 email subscribers on their first blog post.
  • In your outline, insert quotes from key influencers that fit in to the theme of your post
  • Think of a juicy post-specific offer that your readers would love to give their email in exchange for (more on this later)

Take this post for example.

It is very strategically titled. By no means am I calling it the perfect title, but time was definitely taken to give it a title that positions it for success. See the diagram below:

How project pivotal uses keywords for SEO

Another amazing example is from the man himself, Brian Dean, who has pretty much become the authority on SEO with his blog Backlinko. This post of his ranks #5 for an extremely high competition keyword.


Brian Dean SEO tactic to get more traffic

Once you’ve got your content planned, it’s time to move on to the next step, which is actually writing your post and structuring it so it can get the maximum amount of traffic.

How to Do Keyword Research for Your Post in 3 Minutes

Get the video training here

How to do keyword research to get more blog traffic

4. Write Your Post (And make it great)

Okay so you’ve officially made it to the part where you actually get to create your content.

If you’ve already written your blog post, and are a bit at a loss on how to get traffic to it, you can go through and make these changes to it. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve written an “average” post and went back and reworked it to add these techniques.

Because here’s the bottom line:The secret to 10X better content

Great content gets great results.

When you’re still trying to get a meaningful amount of traction, you need to make sure that you go the extra mile to make your content better than anything else that is out there.

It may feel like it’s a huge time investment upfront, but it’s one that will definitely pay off.

In a post titled “Write Epic Shit” by Corbet Barr of Fizzle is very straightforward about this principle, and I’ve learned a lot from thinking of things this way. He says:

“Building a raving audience online all starts with writing epic shit. Period. Hands down. End of story. Write things that make people think. Inspire people. Change lives. Create value. Blow people away with your usefulness.”

Building a raving audience online all starts with writing epic shit. Period. via @CorbettBarr Click To Tweet

You’ve Got 2 Choices

Let me ask you one question.

Would you rather create content that gets you lots of traffic and drives subscribers for you, or create content that gets little to NO traffic, and simmers out without driving any noticeable results?

It may sound like kind of a stupid question, with an obvious answer. But this is literally the difference between choosing to create a 500-700 word generic blog post or a 2000-3000 word in depth, epic blog post complete with images, examples and quotes from influencers.

The latter choice will help you grow your business, create insane amounts of engagement with your readers, and has been thoroughly tested and proven to dominate search engine rankings.

Below you can sign up to get access to my easy to follow checklist that shows you shortcuts to creating this type of content every time, but in the mean time, make sure that your content is long-form, well researched and of superb quality.

It may take you 2-3 times the amount of time to create than an average post, but I guarantee it will get you 6-10X the results making it a much more effective use of your time.

Get the Epic Content Checklist

It’s as easy as including 7 key things. To get them, sign up for instant access.


The 7 things that blog posts need to succeed

5. Viral Proof Your Post

As long as you’re creating content that is going to knock your reader’s socks off, you might as well make it extremely easy for them to share.

Multiply your reach for blog trafficOnce you follow the other steps in this process, your post will have plenty of viral potential in the sense that it will resonate with your readers.
Now we need to add in some viral content and functions like images and “click to tweet” links.

This is going to allow you to start leveraging whatever readers you can get in the beginning, to get the ball rolling and to get you even more traffic.

Once you get this done, you can start to calculate your content’s “viral coefficient.” This refers to how many extra visitors to get as a result of your initial visitors.

Here’s a scenario. Say you get 100 readers on the first you publish your blog post, and 5 of those people share your post (at a 5% share rate) and for each share you get an average of 5 clicks. This means that:

Content viral coefficient for more blog readers


Now that’s just effective marketing! It’s tough to get your first bit of readers, so getting them to help you do your job for you is a huge win. That’s a total of 30 more readers per every 100 that you drive.

It's tough to get your first readers, so getting to do your job for you is a huge win. #viralmarketing #blog Click To Tweet

How to Make Sure You’re Set up to Go Viral

This comes down to adding social functions to your blog post that urge your readers to spread the word and take some of the credit for discovering this awesome piece of content that you just created. To do this you will want to:

  • Add at least 3 click to tweet links for your post. When a reader comes across a point that they agree with, they’ll gladly share it on Twitter
  • Use more images. The more images your post has, the more likely your readers will take notice and share it on their social media accounts.
  • Use statistics and authoritative quotes. These are very “shareable” types of content
  • Embed tweets/FB posts from your account within your post. This will allow your readers to interact with you on Twitter right within the post, and retweet or favorite your embedded tweet.
  • Give opportunities throughout your post to like your page on Facebook, and share your content
  • Careful not to distract from your main call to action in your post, which should be to sign up for your newsletter

Here’s a great example of using an embedded Facebook post within your blog post:

You’ve worked hard to create your content, so making it easy for your readers to share it only makes sense. It is going to allow you to drive even better results for any blog post that you publish.

What’s more, is that in my book these are the best kind of results, which are results that you don’t have to directly work for.

How to Create Awesome Social Images in <45 Seconds

  1. Go to
  2. Choose your desired image size (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.)
  3. Choose your image template
  4. Type your quote
  5. Download

How to create an easy viral image

Get the exact WordPress that I use to embed Facebook posts and more in the ultimate resource guide to this post.

6. Mention or Interview Influencers

Neil Patel how to increase blog traffic

Influencers are the only people in your niche that can wave their magic wand, snap their fingers, and spend 30 seconds to post on their twitter account and send you floods of targeted traffic and subscribers.

The only problem is there is a huge disconnect between new bloggers and influencers.

That disconnect mainly comes from the fact that new bloggers have no idea on how to reach out to influencers and build relationships with them. Sound familiar?

Well here’s how to fix that. It’s actually much simpler than everyone makes it.

All you have to do is feature quotes from them through out your post and notify them of it to start getting noticed.

Why does this work so well?

Gregory Ciotti answers the question very nicely in hist post “A Stupidly Simple Way to Get More People to Read Your Content” saying:

“Simply enough, people love sharing things that they are featured in. It’s for this very reason why round-up posts work so well”

People love sharing things they are featured in. It’s for this reason why round-up posts work so well @GregoryCiotti Click To Tweet

He goes on to explain what he calls the drip technique, which he says was a large contributor to his ability to grow a list of 30K subscribers in 12 months.

Since reading that post, I’ve started giving this technique a lot more attention than I ever had before in my content marketing strategy. It is one of the best ways to write effective content, and still get noticed by influencers.

How to Get Influencers to Talk About You

Here are some ways to start implementing this:

  • Take quotes from an influencers existing content, and include them in your post and link back to them.
  • Reach out to influencers prior to publishing your post, and ask them for a quote on your subject. You’d be surprised at how many of them respond.
  • Feature at least 3-5 quotes from influencers
  • Stay active on your target influencers blogs – comment and share their posts regularly
  • Include the influencer quotes in your click to tweet links, so they’ll get pinged every time someone shares it
  • Diversify your quote sources between large to medium sized influencers. Large influencers have less of a chance of noticing you, but a much larger payoff, while medium sized influencers have a higher chance of noticing you, with a moderate payoff
  • Including these quotes in your content will will make the influencers much more likely to share your post when the time is right to reach out to them.

Influencer Outreach Email Template

Use my influencer outreach template to make your outreach efforts 80% easier.

“Hi [Name],

Been loving your recent content – it’s really helped me with my [niche specific struggle]

I put your quote in this super in depth guide that I wrote, and my readers have been really enjoying it.

Thought you might want to take a look, and join the conversation!

And of course, if you think your audience would like the post, feel free to share it.

-[Your Name]”

7. Create Specific Opt in Offers

If a blog post is not going to win you subscribers, and help you convert those subscribers into loyal customers, what good is it?

Sure traffic is nice, but it will run through your blog like water through a strainer. That is, unless you have a solid retention plan on your blog to turn those visitors into subscribers.Email subscribers are the best way to get traffic

Subscribers are forever (if you treat them right.) Gaining subscribers will allow you to get more and more traffic to each of your blog posts as you build your email list, and it will finally get you out of the “trough of no traction” if your blog and content marketing strategy are stuck there.

So a good solution would be to create a lead magnet offer, like an ebook, and create a landing page that has users submit their email address to get access to it.

But a great solution would be to create a lead magnet offer specifically for the blog post that you’re creating.

Think about it. Whenever a reader clicks through to your article, they are obviously at least somewhat interested in what your post is about.

It is only a natural progression to help them learn about your topic with your blog post, get them hooked, and then upsell them to your email list to get even better content on the exact same subject.

The way to do that is to create a content upgrade. Most of the best in the business are using these now.Definition of a content upgrade for lead generation

I know what you’re thinking.

That’s going to take you even more time to create this blog post.

And you’re right, but in reality it’s not going to take you all that much longer.

One thing that I like to do for the posts on my blog is record a 5-10 minute training video that walks you through the steps of something important within the post. So in reality, it only takes me an extra 15-20 minutes to create an outline and record the video.

Bryan Harris, who is one of the best in the business, outlines it very clearly for you in his post “Lead Magnets: 11 Ways to Get More Subscribers.” He says:

“You need to create a lead magnet for EVERY blog post you write. Instead of having one universal toolkit or eBook, create a very specific bonus each time you write a post. Content upgrades turn your readers into subscribers better than any other single tactic out there. I normally experience 20-30% opt-in rates on these bonuses and some have been as high as 62%!

Spend 10 Minutes creating a content upgrade for up to 30% conversion rates #contentmarketing Click To Tweet

How to Create a Winning Content Upgrade

Are results like that worth an extra 20 minutes of work for you?

If you’re not sure, let me answer that for you.

It is MORE than worth that time, especially with all of the options that you have available to you.

In all you could create a complimentary:

  • Training video
  • Quickstart checklist
  • 1-2 page report
  • Case study
  • Template or outline
  • Quick reference summary of a long post

Any one of these will take very little extra time to create (considering you already have most of the research and content done for your post) but will do anything between triple to quadruple your subscription rates if you’re using the correct call to action techniques throughout your post.

The 7 Best Types of Content CTA’s and How to Use Them

Upgrade for free to the Ultimate Resource Guide to Get the Video on how to use different styles of call to action’s throughout your post, for maximum conversion rates.

How to use call to actions in your content

8. Publish Your Content to your Inner Circle

Now is when you’ll want to finally publish your content.

At this point make sure that that you’re using the correct SEO protocols, but don’t stress over this too much right now.

You can use the Yoast SEO plugin to ensure that you’re using the proper meta tags and content description, but other than that, you need to focus on something that is much more important when publishing.

During this step, especially if you’re a new blogger, it is of vital importance that you share your post with your inner circle supporters.

Publish your blog content to your inner circleThis is a group of 10-20 people that want to see you succeed the most, are willing to help you proofread your post, give you their opinion to make wording better, and spot any mistakes that you may have made.

Even bloggers who have an established brand still do this. Robbie Richards, a marketer who tests and blogs about online marketing strategies, still cites this as one of his key strategies in his write up on how he got 19,011 social shares from 1 blog post.

You read that right.

Almost 20K social shares from 1 blog post, and he still shows his post to his inner circle first.


Because it works.

Yet most content marketers and bloggers aren’t taking advantage of this!

So let’s make sure that you don’t make the same mistake.

Who Should Be in your Inner Circle?

Your inner circle should consist of:

  • People that you have the strongest connections with in your niche (like other bloggers)
  • Any mentors that you have
  • Your Co-workers and friends
  • Your Mother (Yes, seriously)
  • Any loyal clients you may have
  • Other family members and similar people in your life that you can think of that want to see you succeed

If you’re having trouble filling this list out, think of people that you would ask to give you a reference if you were getting a new job. If you’d ask them for that, you can ask them to comment on your blog.

Most #bloggers don't build an inner circle, and it kills their potential. #entrepreneur #blog Click To Tweet

Once you start growing your blog, you will start to add other bloggers and connections that you make to your inner circle, to make it more practical, but in the beginning your existing personal connections will be more than enough.

You’ll want to get these people to SHARE your post and LEAVE A COMMENT. If you get them to do nothing else, get them to do this.

We’ll talk about how important this is a little later, but this first bit of social proof is exactly what you need to get your blog post off the ground and getting traffic.

To summarize, you’ll want to urge your inner circle to:

  • Proofread your post
  • Point out any points that may need clarification
  • Share it on their social media accounts and through email
  • Leave a comment (Most Important!)

Once you get this done, it’s time for your content to finally start seeing the light of day by your target market.

9. Post to your Communities

How to get blog traffic by posting to your communities
By this point you’ll have a post that is poised to take your niche by storm. Now we just need to get it in front of the right people to get the ball rolling.

I reached out to Ryan Biddulph, Founder and owner of the wildly successful Blogging from Paradise blog, and asked him how important it is to leverage communities to grow your blog. Here’s what he had to say:

Question: How important is it to leverage communities to build your blog audience and get your first bit of traction?

“Leveraging your community is huge because your network is what makes your blog. Join communities like Triberr, be an active member and watch your presence expand.”

Ryan Biddulph, Founder of Blogging from Paradise

I ran a little experiment on one of the first posts on my blog. I wanted to see how much traffic I could get by implementing just this step alone.

Post to your communities to get your first trafficThe results were more than 1,017 page views so far to my first post, on a brand new blog (with no help from subscribers.) I don’t know about you, but for many brand new bloggers that struggle to get traffic, that is a godsend!

Especially since that traffic was signing up for my newsletter, which in turn makes any future posts easier and easier to get traffic to.

To do this for your post, you just have to circle back to the communities that you found in step one, and since you created your content to be a good fit for them, gaining acceptance there should be much easier.

Here’s the secret with these communities:

95% of the time they’ll only get mad at you if you’re posting generic, 500 word content there. That’s when you get accused of being a spammer.

But when you show that you’ve obviously taken a very long time to create your post, and that you genuinely intend for your post to help out the community, they’ll be much more likely to accept your posts, visit your site, and sign up for your newsletter.

Here's how to get your very first traction to your blog #contentmarketing #entrepreneur Click To Tweet

Shannon Byrne of Mention, cited in this article that by formulating a distribution plan for their blog content in their communities, they increased their overall blog traffic by 200% and online brand mentions by 173%.

10. Reach out to influencers

Now that you’ve started showing your content directly to your audience, it’s time to show it to the people who control the largest portions of your audience, which are your niche influencers.

For this post, I wanted to know what one of the best content marketers in the world had to say about what it takes to build a new blog.

So I reached out to Neil Patel, and he had a simple, straightforward answer:

What is your favorite tactic to plan your content so you get maximum traffic?

“If you are looking to grow your blog traffic, you should always do one simple thing… every time you link out to a website in your post, email them and let them know. Within that email also ask them to share your content on their favorite social network if they like your content.”

-Neil Patel, Founder of

Now that is keeping it simple, but it works!

This is as simple as dropping an email to the inbox of all of the influencers that you’ve quoted.

Now in case you didn’t know, influencers look for 2 simple things above all else when checking out a smaller site.

Comments count to help you get blog trafficCan you guess what that is?

No, it’s not traffic.

No, it’s not page authority.

The 2 things that they look at are:

  • Content quality and
  • Engagement

I’m not even going to lie to you, while working with the Founder Institute blog when looking at other sites for guest posting, or promotion we’d immediately look at the comment count to see how engaged their audience was.

Comments Count

In reality, even content that gets thousands and thousands of views will struggle to even get a few comments.

When reaching out to influencers, audience engagement is super important! #blog #content marketing Click To Tweet

This means that EVERY blogger is not only looking to expand their reach, but get better engagement, and that’s where a blog of your size can help them.

So when a bigger channel sees that your blog post is getting comments, and you’ve mentioned them, it means that you’ve got an impressive amount of engagement, and you’re really helping them out by building their brand with such engaged readers.

So what are they going to want to do?

Influencer outreach for trafficThey’re obviously going to want to showcase this to their audience, because you’re making them look like a superstar, plus your content is of superb quality so it will be helpful to their readers.

That’s a double win!

This will get your influencer to take notice of your content, and at least give it a shot to see if it is good enough to share with their audience.

They are always on the hunt for new, unique and helpful content, because when they share it with their audience, they get to take a little bit of credit for its awesomeness since they’re the ones that found it.

In all, here are the things that you want to include in your email:

  • Something specific that shows that you’ve read and related to the influencers content
  • Proof that your audience is engaged (after your inner circle comments on it)
  • A link to your post where they can see their quote
  • BONUS TIP: in your email signature setup a generic “check out my latest post” link, but also right next to it include a click to tweet link for the latest post. This will make it very easy for your influencers to share your post without throwing a CCT link directly in their face.

This is what it takes to get in touch with influencers and get them to share your content. Remember that any previous engagement that you have with them from commenting on their blog and sharing their posts will just increase your chances of them helping you out.

Get the Secret Strategy that I use to Seed Comments

Click here to get instant access to the ultimate resource guide for this post, to take your traffic and engagement to the next level.

11. Social Media Like You Mean It

You’ve probably heard that you need to promote your content on social media. So you might log into your Twitter and Facebook account as post it, then wait, and wonder why you only got 5 clicks (or worse!)

What gives?

Well let me be the one to tell you that it’s not because your audience doesn’t like your content. It’s not even that they don’t have enough time to look at your content.

It’s even simpler than that.

The simple truth is that for every social media post that you make, only about 10%-20% of your audience will even see it. Out of that 10%-20%, only 1%-2% of that group, will even engage.

Let’s get a data driven answer to this question, starting with…


I analyzed all of my tweets over the last month, and discovered that my average tweet got 234 impressions, which is approximately 18% of my total audience of about 1,300 followers on twitter (at the time of this writing.)

After analyzing all of my data, here’s the conclusion that I came to.

In total, for every tweet that I post, I can expect only 0.2% of my audience to interact. You can expect to see similar numbers (I’ve seen these generally hold true across many Twitter accounts.)

Twitter engagement for blog traffic

This raises the question “why are engagement levels so low?”

It’s because in the sea of social media content, you could never expect all of your followers to be online at one time, and for the ones that are online, you can’t expect all of them to see your content with the multitude of other content that is out there.

But what about…


Good news! Facebook is no where near as bad as an offender as Twitter in terms of engagement.

When doing some analysis for the Founder Institute’s Facebook account (22K+ Followers) I discovered these averages for our posts within a month’s period:

On Facebook, you can expect only 1.3% of your total audience to engage with each post.

How to Get Blog Traffic From Facebook

Still we have to take into account that an undetermined amount of these impressions and engagements came from shares and people that are not our direct followers, but this is the only solid data we have to go off of, so we’ve got to use it to the best of our ability.

Either way, that’s still a little more than 6X better than Twitter in terms of engagement, but still only a tiny fraction of the audience that you’ve worked so hard to get!

That’s a problem!

So How Do You Fix this to Get More Blog Traffic?

This tip that I’m going to share with you increased our social media traffic by 4X at scale.

Can you guess what we did?

We just posted the same piece of content 4X as much.

Makes sense right?

4X the posts will get your 4X the exposure if you space it out correctly.

But there’s no way you could get away with posting the same thing that many times, right?

Well that’s true. Kind of.

The secret is to post different social media posts each time, that point back to the same piece of content.

Here are different the different types of tweets that you can cycle through for your post:

  • The post title
  • Description of the post
  • Quotes from the Post
  • Images from the Post
  • Influencer quotes from your post
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Get blog traffic through social media

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12. Repurpose and Republish Your Content

This is another blog promotion tactic that is advised a lot, but I hardly ever see any one doing it correctly with their blog, especially when you’re first starting off.

The average ways to do this would be the following:

  • Republish your post on Medium
  • Republish your post on LinkedIn
  • Syndicate your posts on other 3rd party sites

These tactics are known to work and can bring in okay results.

But as a business owner, I’m pretty sure you’re striving for a little better than okay.Republish your content for more traffic

So instead of merely just focusing on blindly republishing your content, let’s focus on something that can literally bring you extremely qualified traffic and generate $100s-$1000s in revenue, so you can invest that back into your business to grow even more.

Sound good?

Here’s how it works:

Remember those communities that we found in step one of this process?

Well if you want to drive traffic, engagement and subscribers and even your first wave of sales then you’ll want to go back to those communities and publish your post, or even a portion of your post (especially if it’s a 4000-5000 beast of a post like this one.)

For this guide, we’re going to focus on republishing your post on 2 channels in your community, which are:

  • Niche Forums, and
  • Reddit

When you are first starting out, this can truly be a pivotal move that you can make in your content marketing efforts. Even if you don’t get a server crushing amount of traffic from these communities, you will still win some of the most engaged readers possible this way, which by now, I’m sure you’ve figured out is very important.

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By repurposing my content on just a few forums and Reddit, I manage to drive hundreds of highly engaged visitors, and several highly engaged subscribers each time I promote something.

Here are just some of the responses that I’ve gotten from repurposing just 1 post in a select few forums and subreddits.

Engagement from reddit for traffic

Getting traffic and engagement from reddit

Get subscribers by posting in communities

Some of the forum users even reached out to me in a private message personally to start a conversation.

So how does this help your build your blog?

So often I’ve seen aspiring online business owners scoff at opportunities like this and say “that won’t scale” or ask “what good are a few comments going to do me?” Whenever I see someone take up this attitude, I just smile and go on about my business.

Because here’s the deal:

Online businesses, startups and blogs get really caught up in traffic numbers when in reality at the end of the day, you want to make money right?

If your answer to that question is yes, then these leads are the best things that your business could ask for, for 3 reasons:

Reason number 1, is because if you want to build a blog, you’ve got to build your community of highly engaged readers that will comment, share and follow along with what you do. Only when you get that, is when you can begin to grow into the larger business that I know that you want to be.

More importantly, reason number 2 is because these people are the most likely out of anyone to buy something from you, whether you’re offering services, or products. This is especially true when you open up conversations with them, find out their problems and offer them your solution. Making money in this case can be exactly what you need to invest back into your business’s growth so you can scale further.

Reason number 3 is that they are customer development goldmines. You can get these people’s contact information, ask them to check out your latest stuff, ask them to give you feedback on your products and make them part of your inner circle that’s going to help you succeed.

Don’t think that these few comments and connections could be worth $1000s to you?

In this post by Bryan Harris on VideoFruit, you can see multiple stories of how people built successful online businesses from having a very small amount of connections just like these ones. One of the people in his group even did a $10,000 product launch to an email list of 200 subscribers. The post also shows you a great way on how to actually turn your very first readers and subscribers into profit.

Repurposing your content in communities like this, is your answer to reaching into communities to be able to replicate these kinds of results. Plain and simple.

13. Incorporate into your welcome emails

Okay so you’ve taken a lot of time to create and promote an amazing post, and are ready to keep moving forward to keep building your business.

So what happens to this awesome post? Does it just go by the wayside and you forget about it?

No way!

Automate emails for more trafficSimply put, besides winning you traffic, and subscribers and growing your numbers, a piece of content like this does something just as important on the intangible side of things.

It does wonders for building trust between you and your readers, new and old.

So whenever you end up with an awesome post like this, you want to make sure that ALL of your current and future readers have a chance to see it.

This is where using automation will help you grow your blog/business for you, even when you’re not working.

Are you using automation in your business?

If you answered no to that question, you have no idea what you’re leaving on the table.

As you already know, content is the biggest tool that builds trust and loyalty with your audience and leads them to becoming great parts of your community and lifelong customers of your business.

Lots of times, new content marketers get discouraged when they’re just getting their content engine started for a blog that doesn’t already have a lot of traffic.

The problem is, you spend so much time creating your content, and it’s such a struggle to get traffic to it, so you feel like hardly anyone ever reads it.

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But that’s the precise reason that you need to set up an email automation sequence that point to your best articles, so whenever new readers sign up to your blog, they will automatically get dripped your best content. Among the many benefits of doing this are:

  • It will increase your traffic at a steady rate, which will help you start ranking better in search engines
  • It will automatically build your relationship with your readers, and keep them engaged with your brand
  • Over time, your new readers will continue to share your articles on social media, creating a snowball effect (more reader share your post, which then gets you more readers)
  • It’s a “set and forget” process. Once you set it up, it will drive passive growth for you automatically, even while you sleep


Copy My Email Autoresponder Plan to Maximize Your Traffic

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Now you’re fully equipped to go out there and start growing your blog. You know everything that you need to do, now all you need to do is go execute on it and see your results roll in. And of course, sign up for the ultimate resource guide to this post and it will make your life 300% easier.

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  • Travis,

    I’m in the process of growing my startup and content marketing is something that I plan to do, but haven’t really gotten started yet.

    Just wanted to say that this post is an awesome guide! I didn’t really know how I was going to get started with getting traffic before, but this has definitely put me on the right track.

    Any other tips for applying this to a startup?


    • Travis Levell

      Hey Mohit,

      I’d say that the process pretty much stays the same for a startup. In this case, the content is what people are interested in and if you can get them to sign up for your content upgrade that means you’re winning.

      The only thing you need to change if you’re going to use this heavily to grow a business is what you do after you capture someones email as a lead. In this case I would automate multiple emails into my funnel after they sign up that lead them to check out your product or service, sign up and share it.

  • Nailah Morgan

    Great techniques! I especially like the fact that these can be use to get traffic to a brand new blog as well.

    As an aspiring journalist, being able to get traffic to a personal blog is definitely a good skill to have so I’ll keep this post in my tool belt.

    Keep up the great content!”

    • Travis Levell

      Thanks Nailah!

      Very true. Being able to get exposure to blog posts can come in handy in many different situations – building a business or not.

  • Nicole

    Hey Travis,

    Thanks for this post. It was a great read – I’ll keep this in mind if I ever decide to start blogging heavily.

    Just wanted to drop a comment and say thanks for the super in depth guide. Keep it up.


    • Travis Levell

      Thanks for the comment Nicole.

      I will say that even for people that don’t plan to turn their blog into a business – it is a great practice even for professional development. If you blog about your subject matter, I’ve seen it make a huge difference when employers are looking to hire someone! When they see your blog, it automatically adds a ton of credibility. Something to keep in mind!

  • Erick

    Hey Travis,

    I really appreciate this post – especially the part about mentioning influencers to get more traffic. This just makes so much sense to me!

    Keep up the great work.

    • Travis Levell


      That is one thing that can definitely make the difference between super successful blog posts and average ones. Interacting with influencers isn’t as tough as everyone makes it! Just one step at a time, and you’ll find yourself in a position where they don’t mind sending you traffic!

      Thanks for the comment!

  • Travis,

    Thank you for an in depth step by step on how to grow your audience. As a blogger starting out that is looking for readers asap, this was a great resource.

    Keep it Up!


  • Excellent article Travis. Love the visuals you created to explain everything.

    This is an article that every new blogger should read, in any niche.

    • Travis Levell


      Thanks for the kind words! I would definitely love if every new blogger got a chance to read this – it’s full of lessons that took lots of blood, sweat and tears to learn.

  • Wow Travis thanks much for sharing my thoughts. Awesome list of power bloggers here. You rock dude. Keep up the inspired work.


    • Travis Levell

      Hey Ryan,

      Thanks so much for stopping by. This really is a great tip that you gave. Was so confused on how to get started when I first started blogging and it helps answer the question of what to do after you write your first post.

  • October 18, 2015 at 9:37 PM


    Really good article on how to increase traffic. For sure am going to use an information you shared in this article to increase traffic to my blog.


    • Travis Levell

      Glad you’re going to put this into practice.

      Let me know of you have any trouble or run into any roadblocks.

      Thanks Rahul,


  • Owen

    That’s a damn good guide! Thanks Travis! One question: By using a content-upgrade for every post, does it mean a reader who subscribes for every lead magnet will be on multiple lists, and get multiple exact emails?

    • Travis Levell

      Hey Owen,

      Good Question!

      There are a couple of ways to do this with some simple tech. I use Mailmunch (what you see in this post when you click any of the CTA’s and get the popup) and with that you can have someone input their email, add them to a general list, and once they put in their email, they are shown a link where they can access their upgrade. This means that you won’t be adding them to multiple lists.

      Mailchimp has a good option as well where you can add them to the same list, just with a tracking code and set up an autoresponder to send an email to those who have your specified tracking code.

      In GetResponse you can message multiple lists with newsletters, and when you send it at once, no matter how many lists they are subscribed to, they will only get 1 newsletter. I believe that Aweber is the same.

      Hope that helps Owen!

      Thanks for stopping by


      • Owen

        Thanks for the clarification. Pertaining to Aweber, does it work only for email blasts and not autoresponders?

        I’m actually on a few marketers’ multiple lists and even with their email blasts, I receive 2 or 3 of the same email!

        • Travis Levell

          I’ve only used Aweber a little bit, but I do believe that you set up autoresponders per list so as long as you don’t have a user sign up for 2 lists that have the same messages then it should be fine. If you ask their support, they should have a better answer for you! Let me know if you do – I’d love to know as well.

          I also get a few of the same emails from my favorite marketers as well, but I found that usually when that happens I actually signed up for a few of their different offers, with different email addresses.

  • For as successful as I’ve been I can’t even imagine how much more so I could be by using even half of these techniques. You’re totally right about spending an extra 20 minutes to do the small things that make a big difference.

    Congrats on the great post.

    • Travis Levell


      I’m glad even a more established brand could get some value out of this. Great to know that it’s serving its purpose. After all, as you see in the beginning of this post, a lot of these tactics were used to increase an established brand’s traffic! Thanks so much for stopping by

  • Great post! Thanks for sharing good Stuff.

    • Travis Levell

      Hey Muhammad,

      Thanks for the comment! Be sure to put some of this into practice on your Dog Blog. Pretty cool. Would love to see it get some more traffic.

  • Natasha Minson

    Love the post Travis. Thank you for providing something so indepth. Most other similar blogs I’ve seen have very few steps in them. Your’s is lengthy, but you’ve tied all your steps to each other, making it much easier for the layman to understand why each is important.

    • Travis Levell

      Hey Natasha,

      Thanks for letting me know it was helpful – that’s what I was shooting for!

      Oftentimes, being able to tie things together in a sequence makes the difference between successful strategies and unsuccessful ones.

      So I hope you’re able to use my strategy that I shared here, to become more successful yourself!

  • This should be a must-read for new bloggers. So glad I found this site. Thanks!

    • Travis Levell

      Hey there!

      Thanks for dropping a comment. I’m glad you found this site too, and glad you’re finding it helpful. 🙂

      Let me know if you ever have any questions

  • Thanks for the useful guide, Travis! It is very relevant for international startups that are trying to get exposure and get initial traction in the highly competitive US market. Will definitely refer to this again in the future as I’m working with my clients.

  • My mother: “xD HAHAHA that wouldn’t work.” My mother doesn’t like ANYTHING i have to say. Ever. But friends and others, sure 🙂

    Great article here. Gonna have to go step by step myself and see if I can regrow my blog.

    • Travis Levell

      Hey Jenny,

      You can definitely do this if you put in the time! Be sure to let me know if you have any questions!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • As a soon-to-be new blogger (for this particular blog, anyway), I found this to be one of the most helpful articles I have read so far. Keep up the good work Travis!

    • Travis Levell

      Hey Alicia,

      So glad it could help out! I really appreciate the encouragement and I hope that your new blog is super successful.

  • Awesome sauce! Great insights!! Thank you!!!

  • Wade

    Thanks very much for this information. I read sites often telling you how to increase your traffic
    but your information is more informative plus you tell us exactly what to do. Traffic is my biggest problem so I will definitely apply this information.

  • Hey Travis,

    Extraordinary post. It has taken me a couple of days to read and I still haven’t finished getting to all your links – YET.

    Blown away by the generous shares and insights. I have taken a wealth of knowledge away with me. I have a to do list a mile long.

    Its booked marked so I can continue to return to it. I do intend to follow each step.


    • Travis Levell

      Hey Rachel,

      That is AWESOME! So glad you’re finding value here. It’s great to hear, because that’s why I write this stuff 🙂

      If you implement this stuff, be sure to email me and tell me how it goes! I’m also happy to answer any questions that you may have.

      Looks like your blog Dig a Little Deeper has some good potential!

      Thanks for the comment


  • Hi,

    Well you have shared really great tips for increasing blog traffic and I guess its time to implement on same on my blogs.


  • Great post Travis!

    I’ve recently just started to implement many of these strategies myself on my blog as well. The biggest takeaway for me so far is how many influencers really do contact me back. Getting over that fear of pressing send via my outreach emails has paid off greatly.

    Thank again!

    • Travis Levell

      Seriously! Like you always think they’re going to yell at you and be mad, but they’re always so nice and cool and willing to help out! Keep up the good work man. Checked out your site, good content! A good funnel will definitely make you stand out.

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