Steal My Strategy: A-Z Guide to Create, Promote and Profit off of a Blog Post

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When bloggers are first starting out, it can be a little discouraging to sit in front of your computer and write an awesome blog post, only to know that barely anyone will read it.

That’s how I felt.

I mean, I had a few subscribers and a few Twitter followers but I knew that I didn’t have the type of audience to read my posts that I felt that I deserved.

I knew that I had to write a blog post that was EPIC, if I wanted to get more attention.

The only problem is, it can be a double edged sword.

If I’m going to write an amazing blog post that takes 20+ hours to create, should I wait until I have a bigger audience. What if I spend all that time and hardly anyone reads it?

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So what should you do?

When bloggers are just starting off, I always advise them to write a few epic posts to kickstart their blog.


Because it will pay off big time in the long run.

The key is to overcome that fear that no one is going to read it initially, and put a process in place that will guarantee to showcase your hard work to thousands of people for months (and years) to come.​

Let me show you how that works

The Post that took me 30+ Hours to Create​

When I first started Project Pivotal, I was in your boat. Not many readers, and a burning desire to get more. That was about that time that I finally made the time to do what I had been putting off for a long time.

Write the post that I knew would catapult me past my current level of very little subscribers.

So I went and created my post, which ironically enough, was a super epic blog post titled "How to Get Blog Traffic: 13 Steps to Thousands of Readers."

It took some of my experience working with previous blogs and companies, and compiled it into a comprehensive 7000+ word guide.

I know. That's a little crazy.​

It's a post that deserves a lot of readers. The only problem was I only had about 100 subscribers at the time I published it.​

So how can you get around this, and get your post the exposure that it deserves?

​This comes down to 2 things: A short term promotion strategy, and a longterm strategy.

​Let's look at some of the results I ended up getting from this post, in the first 6 months.


Subscribers Gained

It's important to make sure that your blog posts convert your visitors to subscribers. Especially when you first start off.

The best way to do this is to use content upgrades, which are currently some of the highest converting ways to get subscribers from blog posts.​

This post converted at about 10%. About 8% of everyone who read it, signed up for the content upgrade, and about 2% of them signed up for the general newsletter.​

So in all, I got around 185 new subscribers from this post, looking back at the data. That's a little over 10%, but we'll round to that number.


2000+ page views isn't bad! Especially for one of the first posts on my blog. Especially since the traffic was very targeted people that were highly interested in what I'm writing about, and wanted to sign up for my newsletter.

I'll take that over 10,000 visitors that aren't as targeted any day.

But there's something unique about this traffic that can be discouraging when you first publish content that you've worked so hard on.

It didn't come in over night!

​This traffic has come in consistently over time. You can see that I first published it in November, and I had a strong promotion strategy for it at that point. Here's what my traffic to the post looked like the first month it was live: 

As you can see, only about 34%, or 1/3 of total traffic within the first 6 months, came within the first month.


Some of my absolute best subscribers have come from this blog post.

As I went back through my data, I realized that a nice portion of my subscribers that ended up buying something that I promote in the last few months, originated from this one post. I can trace that at least $950 of that revenue back to this post.

Mind you, this is not over. It's just after the first 6 months.​

Once again, this is one of the first serious posts on the blog. As you continue to build your brand, you get more and more effective.​

This money from early posts, is valuable seed money that will allow you to invest back into your brand so you can continue to grow and scale your audience and profit.

Because let's face it, blogging is hard work, expensive and time consuming. The person behind blogs like this deserve to be able to make money from their hard work!​

Residual Traffic + Subscriber Growth​

This post now pulls in an average 10 visitors day, passive.

Now I know that this should be more, and I must admit that implementing SEO tactics is not one of my favorite tasks. Realistically, I could have a lot more passive traffic coming in, if I take the time to build some more links to it. I'll just have to add it to my already-too-long to do list.

But at the end of the day, that 10 new visitors to my site daily without me having to promote the article any more. ​

The reason this number is so important, is because with many blogs the blogger will publish a post, send it to their newsletter, tweet it a few times, and after that their traffic stats will flatline.

This post continues to get shared on Twitter by large accounts, featured on other blogs, and the links that I built back to it continue to send it traffic over time.​

​This results in continuous traffic and new subscribers.

Here's How to Do It

So now you know what the life of a good blog post looks like.

But now I'll bet you're wondering what the exact strategy is to emulate these kind of results. After all, this is something that can be repeated as many times as you want to create a more and more successful blog.​

Surprisingly enough​, the post taught 13 in depth steps on how to get blog traffic, and the promotion strategy just followed the exact advice in the post.

I'm not kidding. Go read that post, and you'll see the principles that I teach, and this is the result.

But let me show you exactly what I did:​

The Promotion Strategy (Short Term)

Niche Communities

This strategy is as simple as identifying online communities where your audience hangs out. In many niches, there are more communities than just forums and Facebook groups, and you can take advantage of these to get more traffic.

In some cases, these communities will act as places to post links (like Reddit) and others might be a little more complex.

At any rate, learning what works in your niche communities will allow you to emulate other popular posts there, so you can get the same (or better) results.

Even if not every single one of your posts is not a smash-hit success, consistency across multiple communities, and over time is what counts.


Forums are a fantastic place to promote your content using the exact same principles as any niche community.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups of some of the most straightforward and simple ways to get hundreds of visitors to your blog posts.

The main secret here is discovering high quality groups in your niche that you can join and become part of the community. I show you how to do that in my post, Facebook Marketing: How to ACTUALLY Get Traffic to Your Site, and once you find some you'll be able to get these kinds of results with 5 minutes of work.

As you can see from my sample post above, a simple description that describes how you think your post will genuinely help the community will suffice to give you a successful, traffic driving, Facebook group campaign!

Twitter and Influencers

Twitter is a great tool, especially for bloggers that are first starting off.

The secret is to focus less on your own followers, and more on other people's followers. Sure you can drive traffic from your own Twitter followers, using this strategy, but as you are growing your own audience it's great to borrow some attention from people who already have a large following.

As you can see, by doing this, this post drove some solid traffic from Twitter over it's life so far.

Current Email List/Udemy Course 

This is something that not all new bloggers will have, but helped drive about 75 extra visits. Don't get discouraged if you don't have an email list yet, as you'll see that a bulk of the traffic came from the other strategies covered here (which anyone could implement)​

​Long Term Promotion Strategy

Email Autoresponder Welcome Sequence

​Possibly THE most important thing for driving long term traffic.

Implementing your best blog posts into your autoresponder welcome sequence to your newsletter will do 3 MAJOR things for your blog:

  • Drive Traffic: Your best posts will get more of the traffic that they deserve, even if you publish them early. This gives your future readers a chance to see your great content, even after your great post gets pushed down on your feed.
  • Build Relationships: If you ever plan to promote any products to your blog subscribers, a solid relationship is one of the most important things you can have with your readers. Great content is the best way to build that relationship.
  • Segment your readers: You can write a blog post about anything, and discover what your readers are most interested by what they click on most in your newsletters. In a longterm strategy, this can be great to indicate what products you should create or promote, and you can talk directly to readers who have signed up for the specific content upgrade, left a comment or clicked on the post.

Guest Posts

As you continue blogging, and creating relationships with other bloggers you will begin to get guest post opportunities.

As you get guest post opportunities, be sure to link back to as many of your articles as reasonably possible. This will drive steady traffic back to your blog posts.

Co-Promotions and Ad Swaps

This is some of the highest quality traffic that you will ever get. By simply reaching out to another similarly sized blogger to you, you can strike up an ad swap opportunity where you feature each other's content to your email list.

Doing this accounted for some of my highest quality traffic over the time that this blog post has been published.


Periodically sharing the post on Twitter has helped drive additional traffic in the long run. Recently, I've been testing out the plugin Revive Old Post to automate a lot of this activity.

​Monetization Strategy

Once you have your relationship built with your list, it just comes down to sending a few emails about products that you've created or want to promote in order to make sales.

I'll admit that I only really started focusing on Monetization about a month before writing this post, because I was doing this blog mostly for fun before. My numbers would have been higher, had I focused on monetizing over the full 6 months.

If you use this strategy, your revenue numbers can be much higher if you focus on monetization much earlier.

Below are the products that I promoted to my list, to generate revenue. Note that the $950 is only revenue traced back to this single post, and not total numbers.​

Profitable Blog Bootcamp - This is a product that I created and launched to my list. It compiles some of the best blog growth techniques out there, that I have tested and proven to work.

Thrive Content Builder - This is my favorite landing page builder for WordPress, that I recommend to everyone. I use it personally, and am extremely satisfied with the product.

GetResponse - This is the newsletter service that I recommend, and personally use. I generally teach strategies for getting set up with functionality that GetResponse offers.

Hostgator - The host that I also use, and recommend to anyone that is getting their site started.

As you can see, all of these products are related to the original topic that I wrote about.​

Disclaimer: These are affiliate links!​

So, What's the Bottom Line?

The bottom line is, all you need is one post like this to kickstart your blog.

How does that work?

Because if you are able to create a post like this, which is a success, you've just created a working system for your blog, which can be repeated over and over to continue to grow and scale.

Once you get one post finished, just repeat the same process with another post. This is what I've done with additional posts, and this is how my traffic and subscribers continue to grow.

But I'll let you in on a little secret

Remember how I mentioned that this post took me 30+ hours to create?​ It's true that this one did!

But my next post that got me similar results took me only 10 hours to create and distribute!

Even now, I've gotten this whole process down to 5 total hours to create, and distribute a post to get this kind of traffic.​


Because simply implementing this strategy, allows you to see what works for you, and what doesn't work. My "How to Get Blog Traffic" post was super epic, and 7000+ words, with a ton of images and content upgrades.

But posts that I've created after that are only 2000 words, have one content upgrade, a few images, and have converted between 15-22%. That even better results!

What's the Secret to Growing Your Blog?

Do this.

Do it once.

Then do it again.

Then do it again.

And keep doing it until you have 10 solid posts like this. Once you do, look back at your results see what you did right, see what you did wrong, and keep going.

If you do, the next thing you'll know is you'll have an ultra successful and popular blog on your hands!​

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  • I really liked your article. But I would like to read more actionable tips on how you promote your article.

    You mentioned that Brian Dean shared your article. How did you do that?

    Did you use any outreach strategy?

    Would love to know more about that.


    • Travis Levell

      Hey Ahfaz,

      I actually covered the whole process (including my exact outreach email to Brian) in this post here.

      Hope this helps point you in the right direction. Let me know if you need anymore help

  • Wow. I am also a blogger but never thought in that way. I just keep writing short articles all the time. Now after reading your article I will change my writing skill and will try to write big articles.

    • Travis Levell

      Long articles are definitely good for getting more subscribers, and shorter articles are more time effective for keeping up your relationship with your list! So there is definitely room for both of them in a good strategy.

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