In the next 30 days, you're going to have 1000 New Subscribers, HUNGRY to buy whatever you promote

A collection of the latest and greatest strategies to create profitable income streams from your blog, in as little as a month

Introducing Pivotal's Profitable Blog Bootcamp

It all comes down to the Super Simple strategies outlined in only 3 core modules


  • Video #1: How to Drive All the Traffic You'll Ever Need (at least 1000 targeted visitors per post) to Your Blog Posts, and Keep up to 25% of them as your subscribers.
  • Video #2: My one SUPER SIMPLE way to automate your blog subscriber growth by 1000 per month (Literally anyone can do this)
  • Video #3: One Way to Get Your So Called "Competitors" to Send You Up to 900 subscribers per partnership
  • Video #4: How to ACTUALLY turn Facebook ads into a profitable growth channel for you where every $1 that you put in, you get $2 back
  • Video #5: My bonus super secret way to literally DOUBLE your audience size with a simple email

EASY Monetization Models

  • Video #1: How to get other people to PAY you to Post Blog Posts on YOUR blog
  • Video #2: How to Make Money Off of your Subscribers, the SECOND they sign up for your blog (Hint: It's not selling a product right away)
  • Video #3: How to Make Money from Your Subscribers, without them even buying anything
  • Video #4: How to find and promote high quality Affiliate products that your subscribers will love
  • Video #5: How to get your "competitors" to pay you money, just for sending an email to your subscribers (takes about 30 mins for 4 figure profits)

Brand Development

  • Video #1: The 3 Pillars of Building ROCK SOLID relationships with your blog subscribers
  • Video #2: How to choose the right topics to blog about, that will help you find the money
  • Video #3: 5 Super Simple Hacks that will put your website and branding ahead of 95% of your competitors (this also boosts your conversions)
  • Video #4: Simple website tricks that make your brand stick in your visitors head, and come back for more
  • Video #5: My Master Strategy for writing killer blog posts that rake in traffic, boost engagement, and convert visitors to subscribers, EVERY TIME

I've spent thousands of dollars testing these strategies out to see if they work, and I've finally found all of the best strategies and compiled them into a simple system that anyone can use to create and grow a profitable blog, no matter what skill level you are at

With 2 Bonus Modules: From Beginner to Pro Blogger

Are you someone who doesn't know a thing about blogging? If you haven't even started your blog yet, then this module is for you! It is a super straight forward training that will get you up to speed so you are able to implement all of the highly effective, and profitable strategies in the whole course.


  • How to set your blog up from scratch (From domain name buying to setting up your hosting)
  • How to get your blog theme set up, to align with your brand and make you look great
  • How to set up your email newsletter (which is the most important thing that you build, even more important than social media)
  • How to set your site up for conversions, so that your traffic will sign up for your newsletter
  • Training on all of the best tools you'll need to grow your blog
  • And more

The Blogging Ropes:

  • How to select your blogging topic and niche
  • How to write your first content: What it should be about, and how to get the best results
  • Your Blogging Foundation: How to get people to want to read your content
  • How to beat your competition (and why you shouldn't even worry about them
  • More to come!

I know, I know...

You've been thinking about taking your blogging career seriously for a REALLY long time now. I mean, how awesome would it be if you could make a living by writing about what YOU want to write about, when YOU want to write about it. Plus you'd get to have thousands of Subscribers that are just waiting to read the next thing that you write.

Sounds like a pretty good deal right?

So why aren't you there yet? Is it even possible?

I can tell you, that I've been right where you are at before. Wondering if everything was a big lie. If all of the courses that the gurus were selling were some big hoax, and that there's no way that I could make sales from MY blog.

I mean, isn't that a little far fetched?

It's gotta REALLY hard to actually set up a legitimate business off of your blog, and most people who make any decent kind of money are scammers.

I used to have this EXACT thought process

Until I just decided I was going to make the leap and do it. I decided that I WAS NOT going to sacrifice my integrity, and see if it was actually possible to make a decent amount of money with blogging.

I started my first blog, with high hopes, and set out on a journey to work on it for the next 6 months tirelessly. I stayed up late at night, doing as much Googling as possible to try to figure out tech issues, and spent most of the hours in the day writing content and trying to market it.

I also HUGELY cut back my hours at my day job, to pursue my blogging career.

But then I FAILED

I couldn't figure out why at the time, but it wasn't working. And it stung even a little more, because my professional job is ACTUALLY marketing. Ouch...

Looking back, I know EXACTLY why I failed. I was making the same mistakes that 95% of new bloggers make

I simply did not know how to spend my time to create real results for my blog. I spent 80% of my time doing tasks that did nothing but make me run in circles, and NEVER get me anywhere.

The sad truth is, by looking at the industry about 95% (Yes actually 5 bloggers in 100 are doing the right things) of new bloggers are making the SAME EXACT mistakes.

Since then, I've invested over $10K and thousands of hours in personal coaching, testing out the best strategies and creating my own strategies, to ACTUALLY make a blog successful.

I also spent 2015 creating $150K in revenue for my last blog.

But recently, my passion lies in helping new bloggers overcome the hurdles that I faced, without experiencing all of the pain and failure that I had to experience

This a literally a shortcut past all of the years of failure that ALL new bloggers face

I put together this membership to be a one stop shop that cuts through ALL of the noise and teaches bloggers that have yet to create a meaningful amount of revenue from their blog EVERYTHING they need to know in order to do so.

I've broken all of the information down with YOU in mind, so you will know EXACTLY what to focus on and when. I've also packed the absolutely hardest hitting strategies into this training, that will literally pack your blog with 1000s of new subscribers, and readers every month.

The best thing is, these subscribers and readers are the EXACT type that you need: ones that are engaged with your brand, and ready to BUY what you're selling.

Member Perks:

  • Lifetime Access
  • Constant Updates: I'm always updating the Library with Strategies. This is the ONLY Blogging course     you'll ever need to buy
  • Access to Email Support: Email me when you're stuck and I'll PERSONALLY help you
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Each Module has in depth video explanations for EVERY strategy, but is paired with text for quick reference (I HATE courses that don't do this)
  • Access to the Bonus Module: From Beginner to Pro Blogger, Which takes you through everything you need to know about blogging, including tech, vocabulary, and how to write great blog posts
  • Access to this for a HUGE discount - I plan to raise the price to $297 soon
  • These strategies are the LATEST, BEST and MOST EFFECTIVE. What's more, is they are ORIGINAL, which means you won't find them in any other course, or certainly won't find them by searching the web


Take this for a 30 Day Test Drive

I want to challenge you to take the plunge, and get this course. I promise you that it will be life changing, and if you get access to it and after 20 mins you decide that the content is absolutely life changing, then send me an email and I'll give you your money back. So what do you have to lose?

​It's either this course completely changes your life by giving you everything you need for a successful blog FAST, or you get your money back.

My Challenge to You

I used to be a skeptic with courses like this. As a result, I would NEVER buy anything, and spend my time constantly Googling around trying to educate myself on how to reach my goals, without ever having to spend any money.

What I didn't realize at the time, is that I was actually costing myself MORE money. It took me SO much time to start getting a grasp on what I needed to do to create a successful blog, but when I finally decided to start investing in myself is when I finally started seeing results.

So the longer that you take to learn successful tactics, the longer that you are waiting to create successes of your own. I guarantee you, that you are 30 days away from making your first $1K from your blog. I'm covering your risk with my guarantee, so you can find out on your own.

So, to make a believer out of you as well, I challenge you to take the plunge, get access to the trai​ning, test it out, and if it doesn't totally change your life, then get a refund.

That's how confident I am in this course. You won't be sorry.​

Price Increases to $297 are planned, so this is the lowest price you'll ever see

Travis Levell

Founder, Project Pivotal

Hi there! I started Project Pivotal after working with several startups in the Silicon Valley and realizing that they all shared 1 problem - they all needed better ways to grow! So that's why I'm testing documenting the best ways to grow online businesses and blogs and teaching the absolute best techniques to you!