The 2 Vital Steps to Getting 10X Better Results from Your Website

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I started this blog to help enable people to create successful businesses online. To do that, I’ve been teaching a lot about getting website traffic, blog traffic, building a social media following etc. But I wanted to take a couple of steps back to what it takes to actually CREATE an online business properly.

But so far, I’ve realized that most online entrepreneurs aspiring for success are in 1 of 2 boats. They either:

  • Have no website at all or,
  • Have a website that is not set up properly to drive their business

The only reason for this must be lack of knowledge making this task seem like it’s big and scary, when in reality, it’s not. It can be fixed with a few simple steps, and a few simple hours of work.

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Fix Your Website Now, Not Later

I urge you to follow this blog post and ebook and take the steps to make these changes to your website. Here’s why:

The difference between a website that get’s this right, and a website that gets this wrong is gigantic. A business that get’s this wrong, will probably convert traffic to email subscribers at 1% on their best pages. From there, they will likely convert those email subscribers to sales at 1% or less.

In other words you’re setting yourself up for failure in this situation. What’s more is I’d estimate that 90% of new online entrepreneurs fall into this category.

On the other hand, a site that gets this right will convert traffic at around 10% on blog posts, and up to 50% on their best pages.

If you do the math, and say that you drive 1000 visitors to your website, the difference is appalling. See the scenario below:

Converting Traffic to Subscribers

one percent conversion rateThat’s a HUGE difference.

The sad thing is, you’re going to do JUST AS MUCH work to drive 1000 visitors to either site. Yet the only difference is that website #2 took an extra 3 days to set everything up properly.

But let’s take this a step further.

Most people don’t take into account the impact that a poor converting website not only has on their lead conversions, but also converting those leads to sales. Carrying over the numbers from the first graphic, take a look at this:

Converting Subscribers to Sales

how to create a high converting website
Website #2 can continue to drive traffic, and promote products to their email list at a sustained level, while website #1 cannot.

I’m here to tell you that driving 1000 visitors is not that hard (take it from me, I just started this site from scratch only months ago) but keeping that traffic as subscribers is where the real magic happens.

If you could write a blog post, drive 1000 visitors to it, keep 100 of them as subscribers then convert those 5% to sales per promotional email, how long would it take you to create a successful business?

Where would you be after 10 posts? 1000 subscribers and $2500 per promo email.

After 20 posts? 2000 subscribers and $5000 per promo email.

An so on.

What is the Science Behind This?

Have you ever wondered why the successful brands in your niche, only seem to get more successful while the poor brands in your niche only seem to simmer out and disappear?

It’s because of the exact scenario that I described above. Once you are on the track of success with a high converting website, you only become more successful (like website #2.) But while you are on the track of failure (like website #1) you only invite more failure until you finally give up.

The secret of a high converting website

The simple truth is, the established brands in your niche have an unfair advantage.

They have figured out how to use the latest and best tools to create all of the elements of a high converting website. So they continue to make more money and eat up more market share from you.

Usually the little guy doesn’t even know how to do this. The ones that have made it to that level of success, have figured out these secrets.

But don’t worry. I’m tired of seeing this happen to the little guy, so I’m going to teach you the components of what you need so you can create that unfair advantage for yourself.

So What Does it Take to Create a High Converting Website?

Step #1: Tech

Landing Pages

The ability to create nicely designed, high converting landing pages is a HUGE must. As a matter of fact, according to Kinesis Inc 94% of a website user’s first impressions are design related while 75% of web users admit to making judgements about a company’s credibility based off of their web design.

These statistics make sense as well. You can see them at work all over the place.

Would you be very likely to convert on a web page that looks like this?

low converting landing page

Example from: 10 Fugly WordPress Themes

Yet once you have the ability to make landing pages the right way, you can have much more desirable numbers. This landing page of mine (with a giant picture of my face) converts at 55%.

Would you be able to live with those numbers? 1000 visitors = 550 subscribers.

I think so.
High converting landing page example

Blog Post CTA Tech

My blog post “How to Get Blog Traffic: 13 Steps to Thousands of Readers” converts visitors to subscribers at 8-9%.


It uses in content click popups, slide-in CTA’s, and an exit popup that offers something of value.

All of these things make sure that your reader gets a chance to sign up for your newsletter, which at the end of the day, is the main thing that will point to your business’s growth. I’m able to leverage these tools, to get tangible business results, which means that the business is growing.

blog post conversion example

High converting, modern design

Let’s face it, we already learned that 94% of web users first impressions are design related. The better your design, the more users will trust you.

The worse your design, the less users will trust you.

Which side do you want to be on?

A properly configured email autoresponder

Getting a visitor to sign up is only half the battle. What happens after they sign up is key. A properly configured email autoresponder will allow you to do 3 things:

  1. Automate a sequence of relationship building emails, to keep subscribers engaged with your brand (super important)
  2. Give you the power to send broadcast emails and instantly drive engaged traffic to whatever you want to promote.
  3. Automatically deliver products, or confirmation of purchases, allowing you to streamline your product delivery process

For any modern business that wants to succeed, ignoring email marketing is like signing your own death sentence.

Okay, maybe not that bad, but there is absolutely NO reason for you to not do it. It is the most profitable, and most engaging channel in existence. Period.

This is where you will be able to build your business, because this will be your primary sales channel, and place where you keep your leads and subscribers.

Setting Up an Autoresponder

You can send email like this any time, and many people that subscribe to your list will be waiting eagerly for your next email.

The point is, keeping a solid relationship with your email list, will make it much easier for you to convert them to buyers when you release or promote products that resonate with them.

Step #2: Strategy:

Once you have your website up to par, it’s time to focus on strategy.

This is where most new business owners get it backwards.

They spend their time creating strategies to get more web traffic, search engine rankings or twitter followers.

But in today’s online business landscape, unless you are able to create a high converting website what is the use?

how to build a high converting business

You’re going to work your fingers to the bone to send traffic to your site to get it to convert at 1% (if you’re lucky) to email subscribers, and less than 0.1% to sales. This is one way to ensure that you will not succeed.

Now, if you are driving traffic to a site that converts at 10%+ it’s a totally different story. Now that’s going to lead you to a successful business.

So only once you have a site that is set up to convert, should you start worrying about your inbound marketing strategy, or where you’re going to get traffic from.

Once you do have a site set up that is poised to get you conversions and drive your business, then you can worry about composing a strategy to increase your targeted traffic, so your brand can grow. This strategy can consist of:

  • Guest posting
  • Facebook Ads
  • Twitter Marketing
  • SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • Reddit
  • Forum Marketing

The only thing that matters in your strategy is finding traffic sources that send quality traffic. As long as you are send people to your site that are interested in your subject matter, they will continue to convert, as long as your site and offer are compelling.

But most new business owners don’t consider themselves to be “techie.” So they aren’t able to create that high converting website.

I’m Tired of Seeing This Happen, So I’m Setting Out to Change It

It’s just not fair that the big guys have all of the advantage of being able to set up a high converting, nicely designed site, while the little guys don’t know how.

What if I told you that in just 3 days you could have your very own high converting website for less than what you’ll spend on coffee this month?

If that sounds awesome to you, be sure to grab my free “cheat sheet” that shows you the hacks to creating a website who’s blog posts convert at 10% and landing pages convert at 50%+. I’m showing you how to do this with ZERO coding experience using some hacks that I’ve discovered over the years that will make your website look like you spent $10K to build it.

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  • Although I have a fairly basic website I’ll take the
    advice #1 and break out the Canva for some detailing, and as for #2, guest posting now that I have narrowed down my niche to media influence and literature. Thanks for the information.

    • Travis Levell

      Hey Joe,

      Glad you’re going to take some steps from the article!

      Just as long as you’re working on your conversion rate to email subscribers, you’re moving in the right direction. I think that will be key in you selling your services.

  • I appreciate receiving your valuable knowledge since I am a complete newbie at websites. All I need is the time to read all of it. I’m saving this one til after the holidays, but thanks for sending it. My website really, really needs a boost.

    • Travis Levell

      Hey Patricia,

      Thanks for stopping by! Glad you got some value out of the post.

      Be sure to send me any questions that you have or let me know if you get stuck on anything, okay?


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